6 Ways To Be a More Consistent Blogger

Consistency the key to success in most things that we take on in life, isn't it? Health, business, building a solid relationship, saving money, the list goes on and on. Consistency is key to whether a blog becomes successful or not, too. Here are 6 tips that may help you be more consistent and find genuine value in the time that you spend reaching out to others through your blog.

1. Set a schedule. Carve out a weekly or daily time slot to blog and stick to your schedule the best that you can. Life will get in the way but writing at least a few posts each week is a great habit to form. You can also schedule posts to run on specific days during the week to help you stay on track.
2. Stay on topic. Have a list of topics that you will regularly cover on your blog and try to stay within those topics.
3. Draft some back up posts. Save some posts on draft mode for times when you aren’t feeling creative. Then you can publish them to freshen your content on days when you're not feeling up to writing.
4. Be relevant and regular. Provide value by delivering regular content that is also relevant to your readers that you are excited to share. Stay on top of trends in your field and new trends in thinking and technology, too. Follow your readers and fellow bloggers to see what they're sharing and liking online.
5. Spell check and read each post before hitting publish. Readers will run in the opposite direction if some of your posts are well written and others are a hot mess. You’re or Your? Thank you or Thankyou? Their, there or they’re? Read posts (often out loud) to check flow, reduce or remove run on sentences, eliminate redundancies.
6. Know your readers. Who are you trying to reach and how do you want them to see you? You can’t develop a consistent voice if you’re all over the place. Most bloggers do not consider themselves a brand but it is still important to consider how we’re perceived from the other side of the monitor. List what you would like your readers to associate with you and your blog. Is it your creativity, great entertaining ideas and inspired decorating? Do you want them to associate you with winning recipes, a great sense of style and the feeling of community that your blog gives? Whatever your looking to convey, by knowing your audience and consistently delivering content that fits your own goals for your blog, you can feel more inspired to be consistent as a blogger because you'll feel a reward whenever you post by how your readers respond to it.

What are some ways you have found to be helpful in becoming more consistent as a blogger?

(image: fiona humberstone)

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