Don’t Give Up On Blogging

I recently spoke before about 100 mostly tech guys at a local networking event here in Germany about my pretty, light and bright blog called decor8, my all-girl team and how I built my blog from nothing to something quite robust that I'm proud of. I talked about Blogging Your Way, too. How this online learning site came about as a result of wanting to help others to achieve the success I've had without ALL OF THE TIME I had to spend failing, falling, picking myself up again, struggling and trying to figuring it all out. Blogging Your Way is the ultimate guide to Blogging and Social Media but also to photo styling and photography and branding and marketing and SO MUCH MORE. Blogging Your Way saves people YEARS of screwing up with a single online course that can take a max of 3 weeks to go through. THREE WEEKS. That's a big time saver. I've had Blogging Your Way since 2009 when we launched and we've taught over 8,000 students online how to do what all of those big, important "professional" blogs are doing as well as the lesser known blogs who still have a crazy devoted following and who are driving readers to their content almost effortlessly and as a result, dollars to their pockets. I love to empower others to set their plans into action and to let people know that it is possible to get some, or even all, of what you want.

I am PROUD of Blogging. How far it has come, where it is, where it's going.

Yet, as I spoke to this all-guy crowd, I felt intimidated, a little nervous and well, quite a fish out of water. I wondered what they thought as I waxed on about my books and showed the pretty covers in my happy slide presentation. I wondered if I was cool enough to present along with others who were there to talk about virtual reality headsets, online insurance portals, travel websites, etc. But I played along and spoke about my work with joy because well, I love what I do.

I enjoy spreading a little magic as often and as far as I can. If you're a blogger like me, you must understand this feeling. When I throw seeds out there and someone grabs one, grows it, and becomes a successful entrepreneur based off of something I said, that’s my fuel forward. I’m proud of blogging but even more proud that after celebrating my TEN YEAR (!) blog anniversary in January, that I still have passion for this and so many readers popping by regularly to see what we have to show next on my blog and in our online courses.

I’m honored, flattered, and extremely joyful that I can wake up each day and approach my work with a happy heart. Not all days are sunny, I have some rubbish ones like the rest of us, but all in all my career has made my life better than I had imagined it as a young girl dreaming of my future. I wish I could give everyone with big dreams the courage to go out and make them come true.

I digress...

After presenting, I stepped off stage to a mighty applause. Those guys respected me and were happy that I came out to share my story. They were intrigued by my “self made” profession and, that I was a women in new media, that was even more interesting to them because the tech world and new media is still largely made up of men, especially in Europe. I ended up inspiring a group of men that I never thought I COULD inspire being a woman blogging about cute stuff and offering classes online about blogging. How about that?

It was honestly a massive lightbulb moment for me, to know that people REALLY genuinely are still very interested in blogging, and they want to hear from the success stories and they like knowing that other people are out there making their dreams come true – it’s encouraging – it gives hope and at the end of the day, HOPE is the fire inside that keeps us going, gets us up in the morning, makes us reach a little higher towards the light. HOPE.

A LOT of bloggers are due a little hug right about now, a sign of hope along with a big kick in the pants to wake up and stop feeling so sad about blogging and to appreciate this platform now more than ever. Especially with so many things distracting our readers away from our blogs - Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Feedly, Bloglovin', Facebook, Instagram... The list goes on and on and on. What once took a respectable amount of time and finesse (crafting a blog post and gaining a following) can be done almost overnight by a new comer without a blog using Instagram posting pretty photos with barely a line of text. And some of these people have 500k following or 2m and you sit there wondering how this can be, how did they earn that spot? And then you think about all of the blood, sweat and tears you've put into blogging. And you wonder if it's all worth it.


Blogs remain. And you know what, we are IN CONTROL of our blogs.

What we show, what we say, our template, all of it. So many of these apps change the game once they're in control and have you and your massive audience. Suddenly they decide to chance algorithms, or they drop in ads, or they don't let ALL of your followers see your content unless YOU PAY THEM. There is so much control lost. Not to mention if they sell to another mega company and then, everything looks and feels different. I find blogs very sacred in this sense. Plus, what is blogged is something anyone can find online, easily. It's archived. It stays. It becomes part of your living journal.

We run the show. You should definitely keep blogging and let your blog feed into everything else.

Don't abandon your blog to use Facebook solely or to pin all day. Combine and create a multi platform recipe that works. Have your blog and share that content on your other platforms too. Just keep driving your readers back home. Bring them back to your blog where you can invite them to join your mailing list and preserve your relationship with them in a special way.

A blog is still a very powerful, personal, largely independent, massively popular platform. Big business wants to change that, to remove the power from the little guy, to make us all brand-driven and codependent, power and number hungry, hoping to have 20m followers on the latest platform simply because that could mean a lot of brand power for us - we can demand more money and work on more campaigns for brands.

While it's nice to pay the bills remember that lots of us want to pay the bills and deliver beautiful content that shows our voice, our talent and that has something to offer. Lots of us want to memorialize our travels, our special parties, the birthday of a friend, a gorgeous baby born to us, using our blogs - no strings (or brands) attached. Some of us still want to be able to say whether or not we genuinely enjoyed a product or a service without having to always sing the praises of everyone and everything because we are scared to be honest or worse, we are being paid to say only good things.

So do your Instagram. Do your Facebook. Do your Snapchat. But at the core, the foundation, DO YOUR BLOG. Because your blog is your center, your home, where you want to drive your audience ultimately.

I'm a pioneer in this industry, I've had a blog since 2005... Blogs aren't phasing out. It's just a massive "sift" period. The true die-hard writers and content providers will continue blogging AND use all of these sharing and microblogging platforms too. They know that you can enjoy your country home, your lake house, and your tent in the woods but you ultimately always feel safest, loved and can run the show YOUR way at home.

Still not convinced? Then read what Seth Godin has to say about the topic, "Read More Blogs".
(Photo: Irene Hoofs/Bloesem Design)

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