Why Do You Blog?

Grab a pen and paper and think about why you blog. What is your motivation? When you have at least five answers down on paper, please continue reading below because what you discover may surprise you and could lead to an exciting new adventure in blogging.
Let’s look at your answers.

Are you hoping that your blog will earn some money, provide a measure of fame, or help you to network or make new friends? Are you blogging to promote your business? Is your blog a creative outlet for sharing your interests with others? None of these reasons are wrong, in fact, all can be great motivators! But there is one answer that most overlook that is what I believe should be the driving purpose behind blogging.

Your blog should add value to your life

That is the single most important thing your blog should be doing for you. I’ve been blogging full-time for over nine years so I have acquired enough experience to know that your blog should be a catalyst that helps you to live your very best life. It should encourage you to pursue what will make your life richer, fuller, guide your creativity, sharpen your skills, discover talents, bring a measure of joy and to add real value to your life.

When your blog accomplishes any of these things you will feel motivated to write and your readers will be more interested in following your blog and sharing it with their friends which is how a blog grows -- through word of mouth.

Your blog is nothing without you and your voice. If you aren’t interested in blogging then your readers won’t be interested. If you are bored with your life, your readers will be bored. If you blog just to “get a post up” this week, your readers will sense that your heart isn’t in it. Writing is incredibly revealing.

Your blog depends on YOU

If you’re having fun and blogging motivates you to get out and try new things, meet new people, explore uncharted territories, experience new ideas, learn new things (like photo editing or how to take better photos), then it will bring great value to your life, to others, and provide great learning experiences that you will never forget.

The experiences had when we are not at our computers can give our blog voice more passion, conviction, truth and great power. Think of the most popular bloggers that you follow. Many have a lot to talk about because they are involved in interesting pursuits outside of their blog -- and you can’t help but become intrigued and inspired, even slightly emotionally involved, as a result, right?

On the flipside, blogging is not always fun and games. It can be quite stressful, competitive, challenging and a lot of work. So being realistic is also essential. You will have bad days and get into creative ruts.

Some bloggers say that it is a burden to have to write regularly and they become stressed from having to constantly think of new story angles. It is completely normal to lose your blogging mojo at times and to want to give up.

But you can turn that around.

You can easily unplug for a day and proactively do something inspiring that will also provide blog content. Being proactive can help you emotionally to lift yourself out of the ruts because we all go through them. A day at the local modern art museum with your kids, meeting up with a cheerful creative friend for lunch, or simply a shopping trip to a store that inspires you can completely turn your mood around and give you something to write about on your blog or turn into Instagram inspiration. Who knows who you may meet, what you will see or what you may learn by spending a day away from your computer engaged in something that brings joy?

Your blog should make your life more meaningful, not all of the time (that is unreasonable) but most of the time.

A blog is like a partner, a child or a friend. You will love your blog most of the time but get really annoyed by it some time too -- and that is perfectly normal and okay! BUT if you start to dislike blogging more with each passing day then it’s time to reevaluate and gain some perspective so that you can make blogging fun again.

Allow blogging to lead you to some new adventures, give you creative challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth and help you to cultivate new friendships. But how, you ask? In my next article, I'll give you 10 ways that you can use your blog to add value to your life.

(image: holly becker)

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