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March 23 - April 9, 2018
We'll teach you how to create beautiful photos and words (content) that will help tell your story consistently and with authenticity and style.


Hi, I'm Agata the Founder of Passion Shake, and I am very passionate about everything visual – whether it’s a beautifully styled shot or interior corner, I love to deliver results that make me, and my clients, happy. I collaborate with a variety of clients from large to small, from interior and lifestyle brands to publishing and advertising agencies as well as artists, designers and small business owners. I'm from Poland, but work outside of Milan from my studio and also do a lot of work in Milan, too. My work has been featured in many lifestyle and interior magazines and books including Elle Decoration, Best of Interior, Grazia, Living, Couch and more.

Hi I’m Holly Becker and I’ll be a co-instructor for this class. For 12 years, I've worked professionally as an interior design author, founder and editor at decor8, interior stylist and now, photographer. I create content and stories for my books and also decor8 and my social platforms, and I work for some of the largest brands in the world creating campaigns and content for their products, too. I'm currently writing my 5th book and developing a product line for a large company based in Europe.

Registration Fee:

$99 (USD)

Includes 2 week class extension and a professional assesment by Holly Becker of your final homework project if completed by April 9, 2018.

Start Date:

Friday, March 23, 2018

End Date:

Monday, April 9, 2018

Extended Access until:

Two week free extension until Monday, April 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET. Please note: All materials can be easily saved and downloaded to your desktop.


Familiarity with photography is strongly encouraged. Topics covered will be explained with easy-to-follow steps and will have simple technical explanations as needed. You will also have plenty of opportunities to ask your teachers questions in the forum. During the final week of class, Holly Becker will view your project (you will have approximately 2 weeks to create it) and will provide each student who completes their project with a brief professional assessment.

Please note that you will need to own or have access to a smart phone or camera, both would be great, as some of the topics cannot be followed without a smartphone camera or camera.

Time commitment:

Materials will take you approximately 3 hours each week to review total. The time that it takes you to do your final homework assignment is not included - the homework is optional.


Notes: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you will get an email as a lesson posts to remind you to visit class. This class will not contain transcripts.

We will host one live session per week via Facebook Live where Holly Becker will conduct a live chat to answer questions for 45 minutes. You need a Facebook account to access the chat.

You should also sign up for a free Milanote account to participate in your assignment.

Friday, March 23

  • Welcome videos from Agata and Holly (Friday, March 23)
  • Introduction to Content Creator: How To Plan and Style Beautiful Photos

Week One with Agata, March 26 - April 2

  • How To Tell Your Visual Story + Remain Authentic
  • How To Prepare for a Photoshoot From A-Z
  • How To Work With Brands To Create Beautiful Content
  • Flat Lays: How To Shoot + Edit with Camera and Smartphone
  • How To Style and Take Great Photos For Interior Photography
  • How To Style Yourself Into a Photo Shoot (and your friends)

Week Two with Holly, April 3 -April 9

  • How To Create a Shot List
  • Secrets To Creating Gorgeous Content
  • 10 Ways To Take Better Photos Instantly
  • How To Negotiate Your Price with Brands, Clients, Magazines, etc.
  • How To Create a Consistant Look and Feel Between Your Content and Visuals
  • How To Edit Your Photos on a Smartphone (tips, tricks, apps)
  • How To Edit Your Photos using Lightroom (complete with a video how to)
  • Case Studies: Examining Stylists' work and what makes them stand out

Note: Your Homework Project is due by April 9 and should be done using Milanote. Your homework will be looked at and a brief professional assesment will be made by Holly Becker between April 9 - 13 only for students who completed the project on or before April 9, 2018.

Photography Project Assessment for all students who completed their project using Milanote from Holly. It is a good idea that you follow along all week to view our tips and ideas for each students' work so you can all learn together.


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